Append Codes Sub-Menu

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The Append Codes sub-menu provides append code cache check and update facilities.

Check the current state of the Revive Adserver append code cache, and re-build the cache if required.



To view the Append Codes sub-menu, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Maintenance, and then select the Append Codes drop down option.

Append Codes Cache

Append Codes in Revive Adserver are stored twice - once in a master format, and once in a cache format, to provide performance during delivery of banners. However, as will all cache systems, this means that it is possible for the caches to become inconsistent with the master append code data stored.

The Append Codes sub-menu provides a way to check that the cached Revive Adserver append codes are in a consistent state.

Generally, append codes will only be in an inconsistent state as a result of a database error while changing banners, or as a result of historical silent data truncation issues in MySQL.

To check the Revive Adserver append codes cache, click on the "Check Append codes" link. If issue are found, these will be reported, and an option provided to rebuild the append codes.

On very large Revive Adserver installations, it is possible that the rebuild process will run longer than the timeout value permitted by most browsers, and the browser will display a timeout error. For most PHP installations, however, the append codes rebuild process will run until completion. If the browser times out when re-building the cache, try waiting 10 minutes, and then re-check the append codes. If issues are still found, try waiting again, and re-check. The inconsistencies should eventually all be resolved.

If not, you may need to check your server to see if the rebuild process is being terminated before completion by your server settings.