Storage Sub-Menu

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The Storage sub-menu provides a SQL to filesystem storage migration pathway.

Migrate all banner images stored in SQL to the image store filesystem, if required.



To view the Storage sub-menu, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Maintenance, and then select the Storage drop down option.

Storage Migration

Revive Adserver's Banner Storage Settings provide an option to allow SQL Based Local Banners, where the image data for the banners are stored in the SQL database, along with the banner metadata.

This option has a number of pros (such as ease of use, ease of upgrades, and ease of migration to another server), and a number of cons (performance, database size, lack of ability to use a CDN in front of the image store, etc.).

As a Revive Adserver installation grows, users needing more performance may need to migrate away from using SQL based banners.

In these cases, the Storage sub-menu provides an option to migrate all SQL Based Local Banners into Webserver Local Banners.