Revive Adserver Documentation

Revive Adserver Documentation

This is the official documentation site for Revive Adserver.

Current Status

At present, the Revive Adserver Project Team is busy making all possible efforts to revise the old documentation and make it available here.

The intention is that documentation will be made available in the following order:

  1. User Guide - How to use Revive Adserver;
  2. Administrator Guide - How to install, upgrade and configure Revive Adserver; and
  3. Developer Guide - How to develop code changes, plugins, etc. for Revive Adserver.

We hope that this order will satisfy the documentation needs of the Revive Adserver community in the most effective way, by documenting the most commonly asked tasks in Revive Adserver for the widest possible audience first.

Updates will be posted on the Revive Adserver website whenever new sections of documentation are completed.