Menus Sub-Menu

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The Menus sub-menu provides a menu cache update facility.

Re-build the Revive Adserver menu cache.



To view the Menus sub-menu, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Maintenance, and then select the Menus drop down option.

The menu system for the Revive Adserver UI is stored twice - once in a master format, and once in a cache format, to provide for better performance of the UI. However, as will all cache systems, this means that it is possible for the caches to become inconsistent with the master menu data stored.

The Menus sub-menu provides a way re-build the Revive Adserver menus cache.

Generally, menus will only be in an inconsistent state as a result of a changes made to the code during development, so, this menu options is really only of use to developers working on making changes to the Revive Adserver UI.

To re-build the Revive Adserver menus cache, click on the "Rebuild Menu Cache" link.