Plugins Incorrectly Upgraded

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Plugins Incorrectly Upgraded.

A troubleshooting guide to help when plugins have been incorrectly upgraded.



The initial symptoms for plugins having been incorrectly upgraded vary. However, in general:

  • The Revive Adserver installation will have been upgraded some time before the issue was first noticed; and
  • The problem that will generally be noticed is some kind of overall lack of functionality with Revive Adserver. 

The lack of functionality that may be noticed can include:

  • No delivery statistics are being logged;
  • Some of the banner types are missing when trying to create a new banner;
  • Delivery of banners is not working at all;
  • Some of the zone invocation tag types are missing when trying to create zone tags;
  • Reports don't work;
  • Delivery Options are missing when trying to target a banner and/or delivery rules are not working.

Troubleshooting Process

To confirm the diagnosis that one or more plugins have been incorrectly upgraded:

  • As an administrator user, go to the Plugins tab.
  • Confirm that all of the standard Revive Adserver plugins are installed, and that their status is "Enabled". If they are not, then instead see the Plugins Missing or Disabled trouble shooting guide.
  • For each of the standard Revive Adserver plugins:
    • Click on the "Details" link for the plugin.
    • Confirm that in the plugin's details, the row or rows in the table with the headings of Group, Version, Author etc. have just a number listed in the Group column, rather than a name.

Only when there is at least one standard Revive Adserver plugin that is installed with a status of "Enabled", but where the "Group" for each plugin component is listed as a number, rather than a name, is the cause of the issue an incorrectly upgraded plugin.

Resolution Process

To resolve:

  • If required, re-download the Revive Adserver package from Make sure that you download the same package version as you have currently installed.
  • If required, unpack (e.g. unzip) the Revive Adserver package on your local computer (i.e. not the server where Revive Adserver is installed, but your local PC).
  • As an administrator user, go to the Plugins tab.
  • In the Install new plugin section, click on the Browse... button.
  • Use the pop-up window to navigate to where your Revive Adserver package is on your local computer. In the package's etc/plugins directory, locate the .zip file for the incorrectly upgraded plugin, and select it.
  • In the Install new plugin section, double check the plugin .zip file is the one you want to fix, and click on the Import (code only) button.
  • Confirm that the plugin is installed and enabled and that the "Group" for each plugin component (on the plugin's Details page) shows as a name, instead of a number.

You may need to repeat the above process multiple times if more than one of the standard plugins has been incorrectly upgraded.