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A troubleshooting guide to help when banner delivery statistics are not present.



Although you have confirmed that the campaigns and banners are set up as you want them, they are linked to the appropriate zone(s), and the zone invocation code has been generated and inserted into your website, and when you view your website, you can see the banners, there are no statistics appearing in the Revive Adserver user interface.

Troubleshooting Process

Step 1: Wait

Revive Adserver only updates its view of statistics in the user interface once per hour. There are no settings you can change in Revive Adserver to change this.

In addition, unless you have also set the maintenance script to be run manually, Revive Adserver will, by default, only update your statistics in the user interface when a banner is viewed on your website some 5 minutes after the end of each hour.

Finally, the statistics screens in the user interface are cached, and may not update immediately, even if the statistics have been updated by the maintenance script.

So, wait a little while, and see if the statistics eventually appear. 

Step 2: Check Database for Logged Data

If you are confident that there is a real issue with statistics, the first step is to check if statistics are being logged to the database. You will need to run a command something like this in your database:

SELECT * FROM rv_data_bkt_m;

Which should return something like this:

| interval_start      | creative_id | zone_id | count |
| 2014-06-03 21:00:00 |           1 |       1 |     2 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

If you can see something like this, with creative (i.e. banner) ID(s) and zone ID(s) that correspond to what you're expecting, and with a recent date/hour, then Revive Adserver is correctly logging your statistics. Move on to Step 3.

However, if you cannot see something like this:

Step 2.1: Check Logging Plugin

Follow the steps in the Plugins Missing or Disabled troubleshooting guide to ensure that the Banner Delivery Logging Plugin is installed and enabled. If the plugin was either not installed or not enabled, then return to the start of this trouble shooting guide after resolving the problem.

Step 2.2: Check Banner Logging Settings

In order for statistics to be logged, the global settings of Revive Adserver must allow the logging of statistics. Check that at both impression and click logging are enabled in the Banner Logging Settings. If they are not, enable them, then return to the start of this trouble shooting guide.

In addition, the Banner Logging Settings include options to prevent the logging of statistics in certain situations (e.g. block given IP addresses, block given user agents, etc.) Double check that any settings to block the logging of statistics are not accidentally blocking the logging of all statistics. If there is any doubt, make a backup copy of your block banner logging settings and then remove all of the settings to block the logging of statistics, then return to the start of this trouble shooting guide. If it resolves your problem, gradually return your block banner logging settings one by one, until you discover the setting that was causing the issue, and omit that setting.

Step 2.3: Check Your Database

Is your database still functioning correctly? While you may be able to connect to your database and execute a query to select from tables (as per the example above), it may be that you're not able to actually insert new data. Causes can include running out of disk space, or database table corruption.

Please check your database's administration guide for details on how to check the database server's logs for these kind of issues.

Step 3: Check that Maintenance is Running

If you have confirmed that Revive Adserver is logging statistics in Step 2 above, then check to ensure that the maintenance process is running correctly. If not, you may need to set up scheduled maintenance. 

Step 4:  Check the UI Preferences

Finally, if statistics are being logged, and maintenance is running, then check the account's user interface preferences to ensure that the appropriate statistics columns are enabled to be displayed.