Banners Not Delivering

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Banners Not Delivering.

A troubleshooting guide to help when banners don't are not delivering.



Banners don't appear.

Troubleshooting Process

See the main Revive Adserver FAQ on troubleshooting of banner delivery.



Additional Symptoms

Contract Campaign Zone Probability "Wrong"

In the event that a contract campaign appears to have a "wrong" probability in a zone's probability tab, it will be necessary to review the maintenance process logs, with debug level logging enabled.

Troubleshooting Process

To enable debugging logging, use the Debug Logging Settings page to ensure that:

  • The Enable Debug Logging setting is checked; and
  • The Debug Priority Level is set to PEAR_LOG_DEBUG.

Once this has been done, wait for maintenance to run. The debug log should now contain detailed information about the decisions made by the maintenance process in calculating the banner/zone priorities, which should help in understanding if there is an issue, or if things are okay.