Debug Logging Settings


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Debug logging setting control Revive Adserver's various logging options .

Set the global audit trail and debug logging settings for Revive Adserver.



To modify the debug logging settings, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Global Settings > Debug Logging Settings.

There are two groups of settings available; one for the audit trail settings, and one for debug logging settings.

Audit Trail Settings

The audit trail settings allow you to configure if Revive Adserver should create an audit trail of changes to the inventory - what changed, when, and by which user.


Debug Logging Settings

The debug logging settings allow you to configure if Revive Adserver should create a debug log for various actions, and at what level of logging.

These options allow Revive Adserver to be configured to:

  • Define if the system is a production system or not;
  • Define if debug logging should be enabled or not;
  • Include the method names in the debug log or not;
  • Include the source code file line numbers in the debug log or not;
  • Define the type of debug log that should be created (currently, only file-based logging is supported);
  • Define the name of the debug log file;
  • Define the level of debug logging that should be performed (based on the PEAR logging levels); and
  • Define a string used as an identifier in the logs.