Maintenance Settings


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Maintenance setting control how the maintenance process should be run.

Set the global default for using or not using automatic maintenance, if priorities should be instantly updated and contract campaigns should be intentionally over-delivered.



To modify the maintenance settings, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Global Settings > Maintenance Settings.

There are two groups of settings available; one for maintenance settings, and one for priority settings. (The calculation of some banner priorities are performed as part of the overall Revive Adserver maintenance process.) 

Maintenance Settings

The maintenance settings allow you to configure if the Revive Adserver maintenance process should be run automatically during delivery or not.

By default, Revive Adserver will automatically run the maintenance process for you during the delivery of banners, if it detects that this is required. However, if you have set up a scheduled process to run the maintenance process, then this option should be disabled.

There is also an option to configure how often maintenance should be run (or configured to run). The default is 60 minutes.

While Revive Adserver supports running maintenance more often than once per hour, this option was added for extremely high volume, multiple server installations (e.g. at least a million impressions an hour). Changing the operation interval of an operational Revive Adserver installation is not recommended, and the Revive Adserver team is considering deprecating this feature and only supporting hourly maintenance. If you really want to change this value, please consider discussing it on the forums first, or be willing to experiment and accept interesting results!

Priority Settings

The priority settings allow you to configure if Revive Adserver should update the priorities for contract campaigns immediately whenever changes are made in the user interface or not, as well as to set a global level of intentional over-delivery on contract campaigns. 

The delivery priorities for banners in contract campaigns need to be calculated in advance. (The banner delivery priorities for the other campaign types are relational, and can therefore be calculated on-the-fly during delivery.) By default, Revive Adserver will re-calculate the priorities for banners in contract campaigns whenever changes are made in the user interface; however, this can be disabled for large installations where the calculation process may cause the user interface to become unresponsive (e.g. if the calculation process takes a few minutes).

As of Revive Adserver 3.1, is it also possible to define a global intentional over-delivery percentage for contract campaigns. For users of Revive Adserver who consider it vital that contract campaigns always deliver at least what they have been contracted to deliver, it may be preferable for users to always try to be (for example) 5% ahead of target during the course of a campaign, so that any unexpected drop off in traffic towards the end of the campaign will not result in a slight under-delivery.