Geotargeting Settings

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Geotargeting settings control the geotargeting plugin options.

Set the global defaults for the geotargeting module to use, and if the delivery options should be shown in the UI, even if geotargeting data is not available.

Configure GeoIP2 plugin first

Before enabling the Geotargeting feature by selecting the Geotargeting Module type, first configure the MaxMind GeoIP2 Plugin to enable it to download the required file from the MaxMind site.

Enable Geotargeting

To modify the geotargeting settings, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Global Settings > Geotargeting Settings.

There are just two geotargeting options in Revive Adserver.

Geotargeting Module Type

The "Geotargeting Module Type" option allows the module to be used for geotargeting to be set at a global level. The options are:

  • "None" - when selected, geotargeting will be globally disabled for Revive Adserver; or
  • "MaxMind GeoIP2" - when selected, Revive Adserver will use MaxMind GeoIP2 geotargeting.

When to enable "Show geotargeting delivery rules even if GeoIP data unavailable"?

When the MaxMind GeoIP2 module has been selected, then by default, the Revive Adserver user interface will only show the delivery options for geotargeting when the MaxMind geotargeting data is found to be available to the Revive Adserver system when accessing the user interface. Normally, this will not be an issue. However, under certain circumstances (such as running the Revive Adserver user interface on separate servers/domains from the Revive Adserver delivery engine), the MaxMind geotargeting data may not be found when accessing the user interface.

When this is intentionally the case, the "Show geotargeting delivery rules even if GeoIP data unavailable" option may be selected, to ensure that the geotargeting delivery options are shown in the user interface, even when Revive Adserver does not find the geotargeting data is present.

The "Show geotargeting delivery rules even if GeoIP data unavailable" must only be used by advanced users who are intentionally configuring a system where geotargeting data is not available in the user interface, but will be available in the delivery system.

For normal users, this option should not be set, otherwise, it is highly likely that geotargeting delivery options will be set on banners, but these will not work, as neither the user interface or the delivery system will have geotargeting information available.