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No Product Update Information.

A troubleshooting guide to help when product update information is not available in Revive Adserver.



When working as a system administrator user in Revive Adserver, the Configuration > Product Updates page's "Check for updates" action consistently returns an error that communication with the server timed out.  

Troubleshooting Process

Step 1: Check the configuration file for old "OpenX" sync server settings

Prior to becoming Revive Adserver, the product was known as OpenX Source. With the release of Revive Adserver 3.0, previously existing installations of OpenX Source should have had their configuration files updated via the upgrade process to move to a new "sync" server, where details of product updates are stored.

However, it is possible that some configuration files may not have been correctly updated, e.g. due to file permissions, restored configuration files, incorrect or incomplete upgrades, etc.

To check, look for configuration files in the Revive Adserver's var/ directory with a .conf.php file extension, and check the [oacSync] section of the files. This section should be set to:


If this is not the case, update your configuration file to have the details above.

Step 2: Upgrade Revive Adserver

With the release of Revive Adserver 3.2.3, a bug was fixed which prevented newer versions of PHP communicating with the "sync" server.