Delivery Options

Use delivery options to place delivery rules or capping on banner delivery.

Banners can be configured to only be delivered when certain conditions are met with regards to the user's web browser, the site on which the linked zone is placed and the date & time, as well as a wide range of geotargeting options. Banners can also have capping applied to restrict how the maximum number of times a user can see in a given time period.   


Inventory > Banners

To set or update the delivery options for a banner, go to Inventory > Banners:

Banner Properties > Delivery Options

If necessary, use the drop down menu to select the appropriate advertiser and/or campaign, and then either:

  • click directly on the appropriate banner's Delivery Options link; or
  • click on the appropriate banner name, which will take you to the Banner Properties screen; from there, click on the Delivery Options tab.

Here, there are two options. You can apply delivery rules, and/or apply delivery capping.

Delivery rules

To add a new delivery rules for the selected banner, select the desired delivery rule type from the drop down menu, and click on the Add button. The new delivery rule will appear. Set the required options for the delivery rule, and click on Save Changes to apply the delivery rule to the banner.

Newly added delivery rules will not be applied to the banner until they have been correctly saved. Don't forget to click on Save Changes once you have finished setting up or changing a new delivery rule's options.

Revive Adserver supports the following delivery rules:

  • Delivery rules based on the client;
  • Delivery rules based on geotargeting data;
  • Delivery rules based on the site; and
  • Delivery rules based on time.

Delivery capping

Delivery capping allows banner-specific delivery caps to be put in place. As for delivery capping for campaigns:

  • Limit banner views to (in total): If set, then Revive Adserver will not show more than then specified number of banner impressions to a given visitor, across all sessions.
  • Limit banner views to (per session): If set, then Revive Adserver will not show more than then specified number of banner impressions to a given visitor, across a single session.
  • Reset view counters after: If set, then the delivery capping counters for the above options will be reset after the specified time. This allows banners to be limited to (for example) no more than 25 views per day, by setting a banner view limit (in total) of 25, and setting the reset view counters to 24 hours.

If there are campaign level delivery caps in place, it is possible that the banner delivery cap may never be reached. So, for example, if a campaign is set to limit impressions to 25 views per day (across all banners), and there are 5 banners with equal delivery distribution, each with a banner cap of 25 views per day, then the campaign will become "inactive" after 25 impressions across all 5 banners, meaning that (on average) the campaign will become "inactive" after only 5 impressions per banner, so the individual banner caps will never come into effect. Delivery caps do not guarantee delivery of the desired cap - they simply limit the maximum delivery that is possible.