Delivery Rule Sets

A delivery rule set is re-usable set of delivery rules for a website.

Delivery rule sets mean that commonly used sets of one or more delivery rules can be quickly, easily and accurately re-used to ensure that banners are correctly delivered as desired.


Delivery Rule Sets

Delivery rule sets are a pre-defined set of delivery rules. They allow:

  • A set of delivery rules to be applied quickly, easily and accurately to banners, to help ensure that multiple banners with the same delivery rule requirements all have the same delivery rules applied;
  • A simple way to update the delivery rules that are being used by multiple banners, without having to edit each and ever banner's delivery rules; and
  • A way of overcoming the default evaluation order for delivery rules, if required.

Inventory > Delivery Rule Sets

 To create a new delivery rule set, go to Inventory > Delivery Rule Sets:

If you need to, use the drop down menu to select the appropriate website - delivery rule sets are defined for the selected website, and will only be able to be applied to banners that are linked to zone(s) within the website.

Add a new Delivery Rule Set

Click on the Add a new Delivery Rule Set link to create a new delivery rule set.

You will need to give the delivery rule set a name, and can optionally provide a description and comments.

Once completed, click on Save Changes to create the new delivery rule set.

Define/Edit the Delivery Rule Set's Delivery Rules

Once the new delivery rule set has been created, the delivery rule set will be shown on the Inventory > Delivery Rule Sets page.

From here, the Edit delivery rule set's delivery options link will allow the actual delivery rules for the delivery rule set to be defined or edited, as required.

Using Delivery Rule Sets

 Once defined, a delivery rule set can be applied to a banner via the Site - Delivery Rule Set delivery rule.


Delivery rule sets will only be available to be applied to a banner once the banner has been linked to a zone in the website for which the delivery rule set has been defined.