Linking Banners and Zones

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A banner can be linked to a zone.

In order to display a given banner to a website visitor, the desired banner that should be shown needs to be associated (i.e. linked) to the relevant zone(s) for the website. This way, Revive Adserver knows which banners to display when the relevant zone invocation tag is invoked on a website.

As well as linking banners to zones at the campaign level, a banner can be linked to a zone at the banner level.



If you are just starting to use Revive Adserver, skip this step until after you have created a campaign with at least one banner, and also created a website with at least one zone. Without a campaign with a banner and a website with a zone, you will not be able to perform banner to zone linking.

Inventory > Banners

To link a banner to a zone, go to Inventory > Banners:

Banner properties > Linked Zones

If necessary, use the drop down menu to select the appropriate advertiser and/or campaign, and then click on the appropriate banner name. This will take you to the Banner properties screen. Click on the Linked Zones tab.

Revive Adserver will display only those zones (grouped by their parent websites) that have an appropriate type and size for the current banner. Select (or deselect) the zone(s) you wish to link the banner to, or unlink the banner from, and click on Save Changes to save your changes.