Creating a Website


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Create a new website to represent a new site on which you will be display advertising.

You only need to set up a website the one time; once it has been set up in Revive Adserver, you manage the zones and associated campaigns and/or banners within their website account.


Inventory > Websites

To create a new website, go to Inventory > Websites:

Add new website

Click on the Add new website link. This will take you to the Add new website screen.

Basic information

To create the new website, enter the website's Basic information. All of the Basic information fields are required:

  • Website URL: The base URL of the website on which banners will be displayed via the website account being created. 
  • Name: The name of the website account. It is recommended that you use a name that uniquely identifies the website, and will allow you to recognise the website quickly and easily. The website URL without the leading http:// or https:// is generally a good choice, but you may wish to use a different name if that is easier.
  • Contact: The person who is the main contact for the website. The contact will be used in all emails to the website.
  • Email: The email address for the contact.

Save Changes

Once you have filled out the required fields and set any optional values, click on Save Changes to create the new website. You will be returned to the Inventory > Websites page, where you will be able to see your newly created website.