Creating an Advertiser


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Create a new advertiser to represent a new person or company who wants to display advertising.

You only need to set up an advertiser to represent a new person or company the one time; once they are set up in Revive Adserver, you manage their campaigns and banners within their advertiser account.

Inventory > Advertisers

To create a new advertiser, go to Inventory > Advertisers:

Add new advertiser

Click on the Add new advertiser link. This will take you to the Add new advertiser screen.

Basic information

To create the new advertiser, enter the advertiser's Basic information. All of the Basic information fields are required:

  • Name: The name of the advertiser account. It is recommended that you use a name that uniquely identifies the advertiser, and will allow you to recognise the advertiser quickly and easily.
  • Contact: The person who is the main contact for the advertiser. (If the advertiser is a person, rather than a company, the contact may be the same as the name.) The contact will be used in all emails to the advertiser.
  • Email: The email address for the contact.

Advertiser report

Optionally, you can select if and when to send email-based reports to the advertiser in the Advertiser report section:

  • Email when a campaign is automatically activated/deactivated: When selected, Revive Adserver will sends an email alert to the advertiser when a campaign is activated or deactivated.
  • Email campaign delivery reports: When selected, a report will be sent to the advertiser at regular intervals, providing details of how their campaigns are performing. 
  • Number of days between campaign delivery reports: How often the campaign delivery reports are reports regularly to the advertiser, when email campaign delivery reports are enabled. Change the value in this field if you want these reports sent more or less often than the default.


Optionally, in the Miscellaneous section:

  • Display only one banner from this advertiser on a web page: When selected, a global limit is put in place that a maximum of one banner will be displayed per web page (where supported by the zone invocation tag type).
  • Comments: A free-form text area to record notes that may be relevant about the advertiser.

Save Changes

Once you have filled out the required fields and set any optional values, click on Save Changes to create the new advertiser. You will be returned to the Inventory > Advertisers page, where you will be able to see your newly created advertiser.