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Website invocation tags (also called Single Page Call tags) allow all of a website's zones be handled at once.

This is an alternative option to creating separate invocation tags for each zone separately, at the zone level; however:

  • at the website level, only JavaScript is supported (there are more options at the zone level);
  • video ads are not supported via Single Page Call tags;
  • the Email/Newsletter, Interstitial or Floating DHTML and Popup zone types are not supported; and
  • the tags require access to the website's source code, so users restricted to placing invocation tags into a website via e.g. a CMS may not be able to use Single Page Call tags. 


If you have not already created a zone for the website yet, first, create a new zone.

If you have not yet successfully displayed a banner via a zone level invocation tag, please attempt that process before using Single Page Call invocation tags.


Inventory > Websites

To create the Single Page Call (SPC) tags for all of the zones in a website, go to Inventory > Websites:

Website properties > Invocation Code

Click on the appropriate website account name. This will take you to the Website properties screen. Click on the Invocation Code tab.

Tag settings, Generate

The Tag settings section is displayed, with a number of options for how the SPC tags should operate.

Alter the settings as desired, and click on the Generate button.

A new window will open, listing the generated SPC invocation code tags.

Copy the SPC "header script", and insert this code into your website's HTML code between the <head> and </head> tags.

Then, copy the "ad script"(s), and instead these into your website's HTML code in the place(s) where you want the zone(s) to be displayed.

Revive Adserver will now display the banners linked to the zone(s), via the website (SPC) invocation code.