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Use an HTML5 banner whenever the creative's HTML5 code and associated resources are in a ZIP file.

HTML5 banners must be supplied as a ZIP file, and must contain HTML5 (that you have written yourself, or as supplied by an advertiser or banner network or exchange) along with optional associated resources such as CSS, images, etc.


This page discusses the options that are specific to creating banners of type "html", subtype "HTML5". Please see the Creating a Banner page for details on the overall process on creating banners. 


Basic information

There is a single Basic information field for HTML5 banners, which is required:

  •  Name: The name of the banner. It is recommended that you use a name that uniquely identifies the banner, and will allow you to recognise the banner quickly and easily.

Upload an HTML5 banner

There is a single Upload an HTML5 banner field for HTML5 banners, which is required:

  • A field to select the HTML5 banner ZIP file to use for the banner.

Supported ZIP File Formats

Revive Adserver has been built to specifically support HTML5 banners that either:

However, Revive Adserver will allow any HTML5 banner to be uploaded, provided the ZIP file provided meets the following basic requirements:

  • The ZIP file must contain either:

    • a single HTML file (with filename extension of ".html"); or
    • if there are multiple HTML files, a master HTML file with filename "index.html".
  • The ZIP file must only contain files that have approved filename extensions:

    • .html
    • .js
    • .css
    • .png
    • .jpg
    • .jpeg
    • .gif
    • .mp4
    • .mov
    • .webm
    • .mp3
    • .ogg
    • .woff
    • .woff2
    • .eot
    • .svg
    • .json
    • .xml
    • .txt
    • .md

If the ZIP file does not contain the required single HTML file/master HTML file, or, if the ZIP file contains any file(s) that have an extension that is not in the approved list, then the ZIP file will not be accepted.

Otherwise, Revive Adserver does not impose any other limitations on the ZIP file - the contents may use any valid filenames or directory structure as appropriate for your needs, or as supplied by many common HTML5 banner generation tools and network.

Destination URL

A destination URL must always be provided and the banner must use clickTag, as per the IAB's HTML5 for Digital Advertising v2.0 guide.

Revive Adserver will always call the banner using the format:


where {REVIVE_ADSERVER_CLICK_URL} is replaced with the appropriate URL to the Revive Adserver ck.php script to ensure that click-tracking is correctly performed.

Revive will also automatically add JS clickTAG parsing functionality from the URL if it finds a JS variable (with any value) in the uploaded banner:

var clickTag = '';

Banner Dimensions

Revive Adserver will read the HTML5 banner dimensions from the IAB meta tag, if present. For example:

<meta name="ad.size” content=”width=300,height=250”>

Including this tag in your banner's HTML will assist in Revive Adserver correctly detects your HTML5 banner's dimensions.

There is a single Banner link field for HTML5 banners:

  • Destination URL: The URL that the user viewing the banner should be sent to when they click on the banner, if the banner's HTML code does not already contain one or more links. If the HTML5 banner's HTML code already contains at least one link, then leave this field unchanged - otherwise, set the destination URL, and the entire HTML5 banner will be made clickable using this link.

Banner display

There are two required Banner display fields for HTML5 banners:

  • Size (Width): The width of the creative. As the banner is defined using HTML, Revive Adserver needs to know what the width dimension of the banner is.
  • Size (Height): The height of the creative. As the banner is defined using HTML, Revive Adserver needs to know what the height dimension of the banner is.

Additional data

Finally, there are three optional Additional data fields for HTML5 banners:

  • Keywords: A free-form field for storing space-separated keywords related to the banner. Keywords are used by Revive Adserver's direction selection mechanism to select banners for display. Unless you are using direct selection (which is not the most common way of delivering banners), you do not need to add keywords.  
  • Weight: By default, all banners in a campaign have a weight of 1, which means that the inventory allocated to the campaign will be shared equally between the different banners. As with campaigns, it is possible to configure different weights, so that different banners receive different ratios of the available inventory allocated to the campaign. See the discussion of campaign weights for Remnant and Override campaigns on the Creating a Campaign page. 
  • Comments: A free-form text area to record notes that may be relevant about the banner.

Delivering HTML5 Banners

HTML5 banners can be delivered via the following mechanisms: