Install Wizard Shown Instead of Upgrade Wizard

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Install Wizard Shown Instead of Upgrade Wizard.

A troubleshooting guide to help when performing an upgrade of Revive Adserver, but the install wizard is displayed instead of the upgrade wizard.



During an upgrade of Revive Adserver, instead of seeing the upgrade wizard, it appears that Revive Adserver is attempting to perform a clean installation.

Troubleshooting Process

  • Carefully review the Standard Update Process. Upgrading Revive Adserver is, admittedly, not as straight forward as some other products. As a result, great care must be taken to ensure that all steps in the process are followed. Create a written checklist and make sure you are marking off each step as you perform the upgrade.
  • The reason Revive Adserver is displaying the Install Wizard instead of the Upgrade Wizard is because Revive Adserver has not detected your previous installation's configuration files, and therefore is unaware of the need to perform an upgrade. The likely reasons for this are:
    • You have not copied the previous Revive Adserver installation's configuration files over from the previous installation directory to the new installation directory;
    • The configuration files have been copied, but, in copying the files, the ownership/permissions of the configuration files are now such that the web server cannot access them;
    • The configuration files have been copied, and the permissions on the files are correct, but you are attempting to perform the upgrade using a different top level domain name from the one that the previous Revive Adserver installation used, and as a result, Revive Adserver believes you are attempting to create a second, separate installation using the same code base - use the same TLD for the upgrade as the installation was previously running on.