Editing a Zone


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Edit an existing zone to update the zone details.

You may need to change the details for a zone from time to time, if you wish to update the name, description or notes for a zone, for example.

As a general rule, although you can change the zone type or size, this is not generally recommended; instead, if you need a zone of a different type or size, create a new zone.


Inventory > Zones

To edit an existing zone, go to Inventory > Zones:

Zone properties

If necessary, use the drop down menu to select the appropriate website, and then click on the appropriate zone name. This will take you to the Zone properties screen.

Update, Save Changes

Here, you can update any of the details of the zone. Click on Save Changes to save your changes.

Changing the type or size of a zone is not recommended. Not all invocation codes work with all zone types, so if you have already inserted invocation codes into a website's content, they may stop working. Additionally, changing the size of a zone will unlink all banners from the zone, and you will need to re-link the necessary banners.

If you require a fundamentally different zone (by type and/or size), instead of changing an existing zone, create a new zone for the new purpose.