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Use a Generic HTML banner whenever the creative is HTML code.

Generic HTML banners can either be HTML that you have written yourself, or as supplied by an advertiser or banner network or exchange.


This page discusses the options that are specific to creating banners of type "html", subtype "Generic HTML". Please see the Creating a Banner page for details on the overall process on creating banners. 

Basic information

There is a single Basic information field for Generic HTML banners, which is required:

  •  Name: The name of the banner. It is recommended that you use a name that uniquely identifies the banner, and will allow you to recognise the banner quickly and easily.

Create an HTML banner - banner code

There are three Create an HTML banner - banner code fields for Generic HTML banners, which are:

  • A free form input area for the banner HTML code. This could be HTML that you write yourself, HTML supplied by the advertiser, or may be HTML code from a banner network or exchange.
    • Alternatively, when using the WYSIWYG editor mode, it is possible to create Generic HTML banners using a WYSIWYG editor, rather than using HTML code.
  • Alter HTML to enable click tracking: When set to anything other than "Do not alter HTML", Revive Adserver will modify the HTML banner to allow clicks to be tracked. You can either select the "Generic HTML Banner" option for self or advertiser generated HTML code, or you can select from one of the many supported banner networks/exchanges.
  • This banner can be safely displayed inside an iframe (e.g. is not expandable): When selected, Revive Adserver will allow the Generic HTML banner to be delivered using the iFrame zone invocation tag

Banner display

There are two required Banner display fields for Generic HTML banners:

  • Size (Width): The width of the creative. As the banner is defined using HTML, Revive Adserver needs to know what the width dimension of the banner is.
  • Size (Height): The height of the creative. As the banner is defined using HTML, Revive Adserver needs to know what the height dimension of the banner is.

Additional data

Finally, there are three optional Additional data fields for Generic HTML banners:

  • Keywords: A free-form field for storing space-separated keywords related to the banner. Keywords are used by Revive Adserver's direction selection mechanism to select banners for display. Unless you are using direct selection (which is not the most common way of delivering banners), you do not need to add keywords.  
  • Weight: By default, all banners in a campaign have a weight of 1, which means that the inventory allocated to the campaign will be shared equally between the different banners. As with campaigns, it is possible to configure different weights, so that different banners receive different ratios of the available inventory allocated to the campaign. See the discussion of campaign weights for Remnant and Override campaigns on the Creating a Campaign page. 
  • Comments: A free-form text area to record notes that may be relevant about the banner.

Delivering HTML Banners

HTML banners can be delivered via the following mechanisms: