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Revive Adserver Documentation Change History.

A record of changes made to the Revive Adserver documentation that may result in differences in the UI vs. the documentation.



From time to time, changes are made to Revive Adserver which require the documentation to be updated in a way that will mean that the documentation is only accurate for users running the latest version of Revive Adserver. 

Rather than making the user documentation more complicated than it needs to be by trying to document all possible differences between the latest and previous versions, or adding a note to the documentation about the version in which a certain feature was introduced, instead, relevant changes to the documentation are recorded here. Users of older versions of Revive Adserver are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version, but where that is not possible, the following list may be of assistance when the documentation doesn't match what is seen in an older release.


Please note that the changes below are not intended to be read as a list of which features were added in each release of Revive Adserver. Please see the Revive Adserver release notes for this information.

The list below is only intended to help users of older versions of Revive Adserver where the documentation may be confusing as a result of changes in terminology, etc.


Revive Adserver VersionDocumentation Change(s)


  • Delivery Limitations were renamed to Delivery Rules
  • Targeting Channels were renamed to Delivery Rule Sets


  • The Client - Browser delivery limitation has been renamed to the Client - Browser (Legacy) limitation
  • The Client - Operating System delivery limitation has been renamed to the Client - Operating System (Legacy) limitation